The team of TheConcierge specializes in creating and providing unique tourism experiences and beautiful moments to remember. Our wide range of services include thematic activities planned down to the last detail:



Wedding in Greece

Thinking of getting married in Greece or celebrating your wedding anniversary? Thinking of proposing to your loved one in an idyllic destination in Greece? You want it to be unique and reminiscent of a fairytale. Well, we are experts in creating fairytale settings.

Live your own fairytale against the backdrop of the clear blue waters of the Aegean and the seagulls flying over your heads and hear the “I do” in the sounds of classical, jazz, pop music or your favorite hit.

Live and celebrate with us your special moments, your engagement, your wedding anniversary, the birthdays of your children, your own birthday, the important moments of your loved ones in a luxurious setting created just for you, styled to your own desires and aesthetics.

Honeymoon in Greece

It’s those once-in-a-lifetime moments after your wedding that you want to be special and unforgettable. Choose Greece and you will not regret it! Romantic landscapes, endless crystal-clear blue waters and candlelight will fill your moments with color and add to your already magnificent album of memories an extra spark of romance.

Thematic parties

Want to organize a party/ event for your customers or business executives? Or even a reunion for your family members? In addition to exclusive special catering services, we offer full organization services from A to Z: sending invitations, checking the guests, planning the transport, selecting the appropriate location and decoration, designing the menu, inviting the artists who will take care of your entertainment, and more. We don’t just run events, we offer stress-free, memorable event experiences!

F & B – Catering services

You haven’t really visited Greece until you taste the amazing local cuisine and the mouthwatering local products. Field trips to production units of local products, spoon sweets, draft beers, tsipouro, trahana soup, liquor, hylopites pasta etc. will give you a good “taste” of Greek gastronomic culture. Experience individualized tastings that suit your preferences. Our partners give great importance to the compliance with the environmental protection rules. 



VIP Access events and ticketing

Ensuring priority access and a prominent position in theater performances, local events or fashion shows by local designers is part of our services.

Always based on your profile, we discover on your behalf the most suitable luxury local artworks and we organize a visit to antiques stores, upon your request.

Celebrity private cruises

Parties are made to celebrate happy moments we want to keep alive in our memory, or to relive moments of happiness from the past. Either way, parties are to have fun and not worry about the planning. We are here to organize a memorable event onboard with private catering, decoration and service, that will leave the best impressions. Let the endless blue of the Aegean be the background of your best memories!

Private flights with helicopters

Travel safely and comfortably with private helicopters from one Greek island to another. We arrange the rental, the pilot, the flight license with confidentiality and professionalism. Enjoy the Aegean from up above and feast your eyes on the endless blue.

Ground Handling

On your arrival at the airport, TheConcierge staff will be there to welcome you, having already arranged all the procedures for your fast and safe disembarkation.

You can relax and enjoy the first view of the island in the VIP Lounge, while we take care of your baggage claim, your travel documents and health ID and your transfer to your accommodation, without overcrowding and waiting!

And on the day of your departure from Greece, we will be there to salute you, arranging all the fast-lane procedures, so that you have nothing to worry but to keep the moments of an incredible travel experience in your memory for as long as possible. 

VIP Security services and transfers

We take care of your transfers with discreet security, safety and priority access. You just relax and enjoy summer in Greece!



COVID-19 / Medical services 24/7

Whether you have the digital green certificate that allows you to travel safely, or you want to get a rapid Covid test, we are at your service. Throughout your vacation, a fully equipped and staffed medical section of TheConcierge with experienced nurses and doctors of all specialties are available 24/7 for any medical care you may need. 

Digital services / Press Media

If you want to make an important announcement or meet online with your partners/ clients/ family members, we have the most suitable facilities to organize Press Conferences/ Webinars/ Digital Meetings.

With the professional, reliable and safe Zoom platform, we organize and coordinate your meetings, providing pre and post event support, such as sending the invitations and drawing up the participants list, as well as taking care of the videorecording and the entire secretarial support.

Green islands – Sustainable tourism in Greece

Do you know there are Green islands like Astypalea? What is a green island? Ask us to learn more about it. Sustainable practices are a daily routine in many parts of Greece. Choose your destination to check it out yourself.

Islands’ Hop-on Hop-off

We offer VIP access to hop-on hop-off tours of nearby islands. Don’t miss it! Greek island complexes are the perfect opportunity to fill your days with many destinations, enjoy swimming in emerald waters in a bunch of different beaches and treat your eyes with views of many beautiful natural landscapes.  



Authentic Greek Gastronomy  

Are you a traveler with a discerning palate? What are your taste preferences? Our most qualified partners are here to offer you exactly what you are looking for. Gastronomic experiences with tastings of local Greek products, specially tailored to your needs and tastes, visits to wineries, cheese factories, oil mills, even cooking classes. The protection of the environment and the implementation of sustainable practices are top priorities for our partners. The host’s hospitality and artistry in every local business will leave you with the pleasantest of memories.

Breakfast and Brunch

Dreaming of a traditional breakfast by the sea, the pool or in bed? Choose where and when and our qualified team will make your dream come true. Authentic, fresh Greek breakfast flavors in abundance will come to your place and win your very first smile of the day.

Dining experience

Vacation is a time for relaxation. Allow us to set the perfect scenery for a romantic dinner by the candlelight right on the beach, in your private balcony under the moonlight, in a fishing boat out on the sea or in the living room of your suite. It will make you feel you are part of a romantic Hollywood movie. 

Pairing in the Greek way

Pairing in our care becomes a real-life experience. Greece has a great variety of drinks, each of which is best paired with certain foods. And on top of that, imagine this pairing and tasting experience taking place in a private beach or up on the hill of an island overlooking the colorful soul-warming sunset… that is a life experience. We know just how to make it true, all you have to do is to enjoy it!

Cooking Classes in the Nature

And if you are a fan of cooking and you want to know a few more tricks and tips, wait no more. Join our cooking classes! Prepare exquisite meals with products freshly picked from our vegetable garden or after a walk in the local market or the local grocery store, and what’s more, enjoy a meal in the nature. Get to know the Greek gastronomic culture that is bound to excite you!



Outdoor activities – Glamping experts

Sports is rightfully a way of life and we could not but create a full palette of outdoor activities such as hiking tours on certified trails to explore the beautiful Greek nature. Qualified guides organize the whole experience safely and carefully. You can also join invigorating walking tours combined with exercise by professional trainers. Rafting, scuba diving, flyfishing, horse riding and more are provided by the best professionals and in the most suitable locations. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy one-of-a-kind glamping experience in Limnos island, in our luxury safari tents.

Yoga & Pilates retreats

“Be the energy you want to attract”

You deserve to take care of your body and find your balance and inner peace. Tune in to the universe, “listen” to what your body is telling you and help it relieve and recover under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher. Take time for yourself to relax, breathe, detox. Take a Pilates course in parallel and give your muscles the flexibility and elasticity they so need. That’s an experience to long for!

Detox Beauty and Spa treatments

And of course, beauty, face and body treatment should not be left out in this break from your routine. Indulge yourself a whole range of spa services, relaxation and detox. Just ask for the full programme with suggestions specially tailored to your personal lifestyle. Exclusive and innovative skincare treatments with Greek organic cosmetic products are at the service of your beauty!



Local fashion and jewelry shopping & Fashion shows

If you want to return home with valuable gifts for your loved ones, what’s better than to join a visit to VIP jewelry exhibitions and a tour of the best jewelry stores with safety and discretion. Don’t miss out the opportunity to attend the grandiose fashion shows organized in our venues to admire the collection of an abundance of world-class known Greek fashion designers that reflect Greek nature and Greek summer with elegance and style. 

Shopping therapy/ Unique gifts for your loved ones

Exploring the local market in every travel destination is a unique experience that complements your journey. Greece has a great number of distinguished fashion designers with unique, airy, high-quality garments that bring you the ultimate feel of comfort and luxury. Upon request, our experienced team will plan your VIP tour, including your safe transport to local stores and malls to buy luxury clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc., and give you valuable tips to enjoy it the most. What better time to choose some special gifts for your loved ones, who are waiting for you back home! 

Art & Culture

Spending your vacation with us gives you the opportunity, on top of everything else, for a resurrection of soul and spirit! Keeping in mind your personal taste and choices, we organize visits to extraordinary exhibitions of painting, engraving, local folk art etc. Come a little closer to the wisdom of the ages and become a little wiser yourself!



Beach houses

Greece and the Greek islands are famous for their beauty and the generous amount of sun and sea. Imagine an organized house at a private beach. Is this still a fantasy of yours? Not with the team of TheConcierge!

Sunset in Greece

Don’t leave Greece until you have enjoyed the most beautiful painting of nature: the sunset! Catch the most beautiful views of this breathtaking colorful scenery in selected locations, according to your food or drinking preferences, and feel the grandeur of Greek nature!

Nightlife walking tours

The absolute experience of nightlife fun is to blend in with the Greeks. Spend a night wandering in the top luxury hangouts of the island! Member of our team will set up the schedule and make sure you get the best spot.

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